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Take a first look at our revolutionary fusion technology that allows you to produce the most advanced fabrics on the market at reasonable costs.

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German engineering and air. That’s basically it. Our advanced fusion of fiber and filament is your gateway towards efficent and state of the art fabric production.

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All you need is the corizon® system and a space to put it. Our technology will perfectly adapt to the most common knitting machines. We take care of that!

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Types of knitting machines

  • plain Single-Jersey machines
  • Fine Rib and 2:1 Rib machines
  • lnterlock machines
  • any brands and diameters up to 120 feeders
  • gauge from E18 to E36

Production efficiency

  • delivery Speed up to 200m/min
  • yarn range: Nm 50 / Ne 30 – Nm 120 / Ne 70 based on roving-count of Nm 1.5 / Ne 0.9short lead-time

Economical advantages

  • combination of two process steps (spinning and knitting) in one
  • short lead-time
  • more R&D potential inhouse
  • flexibility with one machine only
  • less warehousing
  • savings in energy, space and material costs
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Key Concept of CORIZON®

  • production of knitted fabric with fibers directly from roving
  • bundled parallel fibres around core filament
  • air-jet nozzles winding fibres around parallel fibres
  • feeding any kind of circular knitting machine with consistent delivery speed
  • combination of different fibers and filament yarns
  • fit for all brands of circular knitting machines

Fabric Characteristics

  • soft and smooth
  • brilliant and even
  • opaque and lightweight
  • high comfort and less twist
  • suitable for high quality prints
  • excellent washing quality with low pilling and less fabric twist
  • perfect elastane plating possible
  • adjustable fabric weight for design and comfort

Raw Material Specifications


  • natural, synthetics and blends
  • staple fibers up to 40 mm long
  • cotton as combed fiber
  • roving count from Nm 1.5
  • Casablanca type roving bobbin holder
  • bobbin diameter up to 180 mm, height up to 440 mm


  • continuous filament
  • plain or texturized

CORIZON Machine Unit

  • 48 to 120 feeders
  • modular design extendable in steps of 12
  • fully electronic controls via touch panel
  • integrated monitoring process
  • integrated fluff removal
  • fully integrated fluff blow-off at spinning devices and core yarn feeding
  • exact synchronization with circular knitting machine via own sin/cos encoder on the knitting machine
  • circular knitting machine also operable in jog or hand-drive mode
  • air pressure: minimum 4.0 bar
  • air consumption: 18-29 l/min per spinning system
  • air quality classes 1–4
  • power consumption: 16 kW
  • temperature: 24 °C to 32 °C / 75.2 °F to 89.6 °F
  • relative humidity: 35 to 50 %